49 years of excellence

the leading capital equipment solutions provider

Established in 1973, CMC occupies a leading position in the U.A.E. supplying and servicing equipment to a diverse range of industries and commercial undertakings covering the construction civil engineering, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, landscaping , mining and warehousing sectors.


Company Profile


Our People


Mission & vision





Service that is with you every step of the way

At CMC, we are committed to service excellence and will continue to support your business long after you have taken delivery of our equipment.

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Our Suppliers

CMC offers only the most trusted brands to the Middle East, and is the authorised and sole distributor of Global Industry Leaders Schwing Stetter, Ammann,Sunward, Lissmac, Silla, Mecalac, Terex Trucks, Chicago Pneumatic, Pramac, Doosan, Pramac Lifter, Euromair, LAE, Conquip, Rockwheel, Baranite, Terex Finlay, Komptech, Battipav, Mondial Mec, and Ercole.

Whether it’s by quality, price, or aftermarket service, CMC has distinguished itself by its length of service to the market, and of course by the number of our equipment and machines which can be seen on busy work sites in the region.

  • Schwing Stetter
  • Silla
  • Mecalac- Terex
  • Terex Trucks
  • Conquip
  • Pramac Lifter
  • Doosan
  • Pramac
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Ammann
  • Sunward
  • Lissmac
  • Euromair
  • LAE

In The News

30 Jun 2021
Half Year Awards Ceremony

Today we celebrate our team by giving out 3 awards to our star performers!…

03 Jun 2021
CMC promotes Ziad Hamade to General Manager


02 Feb 2020
CMC became the Official Dealer of Ammann Products

Construction Machinery Center Co LLC became the official dealer of Ammann Light Equipments, Soil…

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